Welcome to Regenerative Real Estate

Exploring the reciprocity between people and place.

About Us

Two decades into the 21st century we know that we must evolve how we live on this planet. The solutions to humanity’s problems are not merely technological; what is needed is a shift in culture.

Place is the bedrock of culture, which is why our community is made up of people who are united in the desire to transform our relationship with place. We see tremendous potential to create reciprocity between people and place. In doing so we can transition from ways-of-being that are extractive and exploitive to resilient, flourishing, and just.

Join us to learn and get inspired about the transformation that is underway of our homes and habitats that are in service to life. 

Why You Should Join

No one individual, company, or organization can create the future we know is possible. It will come from small groups of people that are acting locally whose messages and actions bubble up to form a global field for regeneration.

Whether you are a:

  • Real estate agent
  • Real estate developer
  • Architect
  • Permaculture designer
  • Interior designer
  • Engineer
  • Farmer
  • Home owner
  • Land steward
  • or enthusiast... 

We want to empower you to become a regenerative practitioner. 


The community is free to join. 

There are other memberships to join when the timing is right for you. 

As a member we have one ask: show up and co-create this field with us. You do this by introducing yourself and what your interests are; share what you’re inspired by or what you’re working on; and join us for an event or a course.